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Customizing Our Wedding Invitations with Shine Wedding Invitations

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The process of designing our wedding invitations was something that so special to me because I knew it would be a visual portrayal of Chase and I's love story, something that would become a beloved keepsake that we would both cherish for years to come. You know, something that we can share with our children someday. Knowing this, I really did my research before picking the company to help us design our wedding invitation.

I found Shine Wedding Invitations when I was scrolling on pinterest, they have so many beautiful designs to choose from and their customer service was incredible. We received our wedding invitations in 1 week from ordering!

When there are so many options to choose from I tend to get overwhelmed, if you're like me here is what I thought about when making this difficult decision:

  1. Think about what is most important to you and your fiance.

For Chase and I we really wanted to go for an elegant yet simple design. Our Wedding was monochrome and minimalist, very similar to our home and lifestyle and we wanted our wedding invitations to reflect that.

2. Keep your guests in mind!

We added a details card in our bundle so our guests who were traveling would know where to stay and how to get to our venue if they weren't familiar with the area. We also added a QR code to this card so they could easily scan it with their phones and get to our wedding website with ease to RSVP.

3. Don't be afraid to add color

This is something that we didn't do, that looking back I wish we would have. Our wedding colors were black, so I'm not too sure what color we would of added to our wedding invitations but I've seen some really pretty water color wedding invitations. Think of your wedding invitation as a piece that you'd want to frame in your home, it's something that you'll treasure forever!

Our entire experience from start to finish was a dream. Jolene, our wedding invitation designer at Shine Wedding Invitations was the absolute sweetest and was so patient with us though-out the entire process. These invitations were everything we could of ever dreamed of and we cannot wait to share them for generations to come!

If you're engaged and looking for a wedding invitation designer we highly recommend going to Shine Wedding Invitations for all of your wedding stationary needs!

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